Talking animals

Hello today I did the talking animals task below is my script I chose the elephant script. I used we video to do this task.  Here is a link to have a look at the slide and below is me videoing it I hope you enjoy. The elephants are in a dry desert with a little bit of mud so I thought it would be a good idea to make it look like they were playing a game in the mud. My other idea was going to be one elephant trying to clean the little one but the little one didn’t want to be cleaned so flipped the big elephant over because he was getting grumpy.  Link.

Which frame would you/ did you for this task?

Nano girls refraction task

Hello today I did Nano girls task. I did all three challenges I recorded two of them ad took a picture for one of them have a go and try do these challenges as well.


Look carefully at the bottom of the glass and you can see an enlarged paper clip. For this task we used glad wrap a rubber band and some water that you poor into your glass and it enlarges your object that is in your glass.

The next two tasks will be on video below. one is enlarging objects in water and another a cool trick to show your family and friends.

What would you choose for your object to enlarge?

Cold snowy hagley oval

Hello today I did the scratch challenge as you can see above. The picture is hagley oval were the cricket is played and I coded the snow flakes to drop onto my favourite summer place. I love watching cricket especially when there is lots of wickets or heaps of boundaries.


Whats your favourite summer place?


SLJ Surfboard making

Hello today I did the surfboard designing I designed mine as a shark. I wrote in red writing some warnings to make people laugh the I found to shark pictures and put them on my bard. I have never surfed before but feel like this would be the kind of surf boars I would want to ride on. What would you design your like and why?

Have you ever surfed before?

SLJ Poetry slam Dear Squash

Hello today I did the poetry slam I made it using google drawing below is a screen shot but before that I will explain. So I chose squash because this is my favourite sport it is a racket sport and an indoor sport. If you want to learn more have a look at this site here. It has some interesting facts and explains the sport very well. Link 

I thought I would add some parts in to make it more like Kobe’s letter.

What would your letter be about?

SLJ Nano girls Glider

Hello and today I did the SLJ Nano girls plane glider. Below is my video of Plane vs glider. Do you think the plane or the glider will go further? Why would it go further comment if you were correct or not below after the video.

Comment below would I could improve on and if your results were correct.