SLJ Nano girls tool box challenge

6 thoughts on “SLJ Nano girls tool box challenge

  1. Kia ora Benjamin,

    Simon here from the Summer Learning Journey team. It’s so good to see a friendly St Francis face on here! I taught in Paiaka hub in term 3!

    All I can say is wow. You’ve done an incredible job of sharing your tool box and you presented your findings so well in your video! You must be very good with technology. You could teach me a thing or two! 😂 Tino pai!

    What are you most looking forward to doing over summer?

    I’m looking forward to seeing more of your posts over summer! 😀

    Ngā mihi,

  2. Hello Simon,

    Thank you for commenting on my post. One thing that I always look forward to doing in the summer is playing backyard cricket with my older brothers and my friends. A second thing is also the SLJ because it fills in time when you get board 🙂


  3. Hello Benjamin, It’s Patrick from St Francis of Assisi Catholic School.

    I loved your video, it was really packed with information. I like how you used some stickers to jazz up your plastic box. You have done well with your tools that you used for your tool box.

    What are you going to do during the Summer holiday? I am heading up to the North Island.


  4. Ata mārie, ko Jamie taku ingoa, nō te kura o Saint Patrick’s School ahau. Ka mau te wehi Benjamin! He rawe ki a au tō Kiriata. Noho ora mai a Ngā mihi mō te tohatoha! Nā Jamie

    1. Kia ora Jamie,

      Thank you for looking on my blog. Did you do this challenge? What did you find round your house?


  5. Kia ora Benjamin,

    Wow! Your video blew my socks off. It is very impressive. I love how you shared all the different things and included some music to capture our attention.

    I hope you have enjoyed doing the SLJ. Only this week left.

    Keep up the great learning and blogging,
    🙂 Sharon – Te Ara Tūhura Education Programme Leader